UV Printing

What is UV Printing?

Ultraviolet (UV) printing is the process of using UV inks instead of traditional inks. Traditional inks are solvent based and dry by allowing chemicals to evaporate over time. UV inks are dried (cured) with UV light.

Why UV printing?

  • It’s green! Because the ink is dried immediately with UV lamps, there are virtually no chemicals (VOC’s) released into the air.
  • It’s fast! Again, no waiting around for inks to dry. This means your printed piece can move along the production line without stopping to dry!
  • It’s cost effective! You save time in drying and in costly coatings. A costly aqueous coating is often applied when using traditional inks to promote faster drying times and to prevent smearing and smudging. UV printing does not require aqueous coating!
  • It’s more appealing! The UV inks are more vibrant since the ink does not have as much time to soak into the stock. It is also a harder surface with a lot more sheen!
  • UV printing is used for printing on many plastics and paper items.
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